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Harley Street Fertility Clinic Features in New BBC3 Documentary

Posted by Natalie Trice in PR 05 Oct 2018

Sex Map of Britain is a BBC3 documentary series that looks at the lives of people for whom sex, sexuality and having children isn’t straightforward.

The Harley Street Fertility Clinic is proud to have taken part in their ground-breaking work and hope it will help those on their fertility journey.

This sensitive thought-provoking series covers diverse, intimate and taboo issues such as prostitution and polyamory, as well as the increasingly popular procedure of egg freezing, which was the subject of ‘Eggs on Ice’, the episode in series two, which we feature in.

The film follows the story of four women, two of whom are choosing egg freezing for medical reasons, and two who are making this choice for more personal ones. Egg freezing is an option for women whose fertility could potentially be affected by cancer treatments, early menopause or gender reassignment, and want to maximise the possibility of still having their own child.

In social situations, egg freezing is about preservation, so that women can use their own eggs to get pregnant when they are ready to be a mother, not when society or peer pressure dictates it.
The film features Elle, a Harley Street Fertility Clinic Patient and social media influencer who wants to be a mother one day, but not right now, and hopes that by freezing her eggs she has more control of her maternal future.

Namiko is a Digital Marketing Consultant, and while children aren’t on the agenda any time soon, she hopes a family will be a part of her life when the time is right. This makes egg freezing really appealing to her, and during the film she talks openly about her plans and feelings and is given the information she needs, to decide if this is the right route for her.

Dr. Venkat, Director at the Harley Street Fertility Clinic, was an integral part of the filming and says, “We know first-hand that women are postponing their plans to have a family well into their late 30s and early 40s. This is medical reasons as well as factors including travel, studies, career paths and simply not having met “Mr. Right”, and we understand and support those life choices.”

She adds, “The film crew were able to follow two of our patients and explore not only the medical aspects of this treatment and the commitment needed, but the emotions which are involved too. Egg freezing is an incredibly personal choice and the experience can be paved with pain and joy, ups and downs, successes and failures, and we feel that the film captures the process in a sensitive, real and honest way. I will say that egg freezing isn’t a 100% guarantee for a successful pregnancy, but as with IVF, the earlier eggs are frozen, the better. We clearly explain this during the film and always offer our patients the advice and support they need to make the choice that is right for them”.

Eggs on Ice is now available on BBC Three iPlayer and is certainly worth watching if you are interested in knowing more about egg freezing and the Harley Street Fertility Clinic.