We believe that fertility check-ups should be a regular part of your wellness routine to ensure you are aware of your fertility status. This will help you be in the best health for creating a beautiful baby or plan for the future, and avoid any surprises later, if you are not ready to start your family yet.

So we would like you to spread the word and to say ‘thank you’ we are offering 30% off of fertility check-ups if you bring a friend.

Our prices are as follows:
Female fertility check-up: £700, less 30% discount = £490
Male fertility check-up: £170, less 30% discount = £119

This offer is valid from 1st June 2015 until 31st July 2015. Please reference this offer when making your booking.

Please note that you will both be required to pay the full price and will be refunded the discount at the end of the month when you have both attended the clinic.