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Coping with infertility on Father’s Day

09 Jun 2017 Posted by HSFCblog-T in Uncategorized

Father’s Day is celebrated once a year with a flurry of cards and presents given to men across the country to show gratitude and love. However, for the 1 in 6 couples in the UK struggling to conceive, the day can be a source of…

Fertility and age: knowing where you stand

21 Apr 2017 Posted by HSFCblog-T in Uncategorized

There is no denying that the age in which women are having their first baby has and continues to rise due to a variety of reasons, these include women wanting to pursue careers, educational opportunities, as well as the high cost of housing and other…

The truth about your weight and fertility

10 Apr 2017 Posted by HSFCblog-T in Uncategorized

Why it’s so important to maintain a healthy BMI  If you’re planning on trying to get pregnant in the next few months, it’s really important to get your diet on a healthy track to prepare your body for pregnancy and birth. We all know that…

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2017 (22 – 28 January)

20 Jan 2017 Posted by HSFCblog-T in Uncategorized

Every day in the UK nine women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and three women will die from the disease. Cervical cancer can affect women of all ages but primarily affects women 30 – 45 years. With public knowledge and understanding of cervical cancer generally…

Five top yoga moves to improve your fertility

06 Jan 2017 Posted by HSFCblog-T in Uncategorized

Can yoga help you to get pregnant? Well, a number of studies have shown that yoga can help to reduce stress, which can affect your fertility. Many health and fitness experts also believe that specific poses can help promote baby-making by increasing the blood flow…