Dr Geetha Venkat, Director of Harley Street Fertility Clinic says; “While this study needs further investigation and follow-up, the benefits of time lapse imaging of embryos is a significant advancement in the field of fertility medicine.  It’s not only wonderful for the patient as they are able to see their embryo grow, but allows the medical team to assess its development and choose the strongest embryo to replant back into the womb.

“It is also a valuable technology to use retrospectively as we are able to compare embryos that did result in a successful pregnancy with those that did not. By doing this, we gain a better understanding of the time it takes for the strongest embryos to divide and result in pregnancies and use this to help our patients increase their chances of success.  We are already able to offer this method of informed selection at the Harley Street Fertility Clinic but expect to see a rise in patient demand for this service over the next 12 months.”