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Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation


Embryo donation refers to a process whereby already generated embryos are donated to an infertile couple/woman. Typically, donors are couples who have undergone IVF treatment and completed their family. These are the people who understand the feelings of infertile couples and help them by donating their spare embryos.

Who will benefit from embryo donation?

Couples who need both egg and sperm can benefit from embryo donation. More details concerning the female partner are described under egg donation. Similar details for the male partner are described under sperm donation.

Screening for embryo donation

The screening requirements for female partners are described under egg donation. The screening for male partners is described under sperm donation.

Counselling for Embryo Donation

Both the recipient couple and donor couple are advised to have counselling before entering into the program. Relevant psychological, social and ethical issues should be discussed with the counsellor.


Embryo donation is not as expensive as combined egg donation and sperm donation treatments. Furthermore, the waiting list is usually shorter for embryo donation compared to egg donation.


Success rate for embryo donation is 25% and is lower than for egg donation, which is 45%, due to the fact that embryo donation uses frozen embryos.