Harley Street Fertility Clinic is delighted to announce that we are one of the only Clinic’s in London who do not have a shortage of donor eggs, including those from ethnic minority backgrounds.  We are extremely fortunate to be in this position, as it is well known that there is an acute shortage of egg donors particularly from various ethnic communities.

Our Director Dr Venkat has openly discussed the difficulties faced by many couples in the Asian community seeking to find matching egg donors in the UK. This problematic situation has forced many couples to endure unregulated egg donation treatment abroad which can bring many dangers and complications to both the donor and the receiver. We are happy to be witnessing a changing environment and attitude towards egg donation thanks to more information being available and the issue being discussed openly in the UK.  As a Clinic, it is fantastic to be able to offer people from diverse backgrounds matching donors in a safe and regulated environment.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to all the women who have donated their eggs to our Clinic. Sometimes the most meaningful gifts are not the most obvious, but to most of us the gift of a family is precious.