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The Truth About Egg Freezing

19 Apr 2016 Posted by HSFCblog in News

There has been a lot of media attention on the issue of ‘egg freezing’ and why women are choosing this procedure.  Some of the reporting hasn’t helped the debate on the issue and the information can be quite misleading. Here at the clinic we have…

New Year’s the time to have a fertility MOT

12 Jan 2016 Posted by HSFCblog in News

Ringing in the New Year encourages many people to actively improve their health and make better life decisions for the future.  Like most places in the world, Britain is not immune to fertility problems, and recent statistics show that 1 in 6 couples in the…

Harley Street Fertility Clinic comments on revelation by top fertility expert, Dr Vicken Sahakian on Hollywood pregnancies as part of Jodie Marsh’s making babies programme (10pm Thurs 5th Nov)

06 Nov 2015 Posted by HSFCblog in News

Dr Geetha Venkat from Harley Street Fertility Clinic comments on news issued today that some high profile pregnancies are in fact the result of “social” surrogacy. “There are many different reasons that women seek specialist fertility treatments such as surrogacy and embryo donation.  One in…