When you are undergoing fertility treatment, the part of the cycle that involves ‘waiting to hear THE news’ can be tortuous. Every day you will be monitoring and analysing how you feel and whether there are any early signs of pregnancy, desperately hoping for signals which show that your treatment has worked. Those 15 days can be an emotional roller coaster and seem to drag on for eternity.

To help you through the ‘wait’ we have taken advice from HSFC fertility counsellor Mollie Graneek:


  1. Be kind to yourself:

Being treated for a fertility problem can sometimes feel like a full-time job, but it’s important to make sure that you’re taking time out to do the other activities that you love and perhaps even bought you together in the first place.  Cook a meal together, go to the cinema or out to eat. Just be kind to yourself.

  1. Exercise & remember to breath:

Get outside and take daily walks. Whilst walking, take slow, deep breaths to help ease any anxiety and stress.

  1. Limit your ‘inner circle’:

Telling friends and family may act as support for some people, whereas others may feel it puts them under more pressure. Make sure that both you and your partner are happy with who knows what and when. Decide in advance who you will tell about your procedures and key timings, identifying those friends and family who will provide you with the support you need.

  1. The art of communication:

Good communication is the key to a strong relationship. Set ‘quality’ time aside to talk with your partner about your feelings, don’t distance yourselves from each other. Or, try ‘off-loading’ on a friend who has been through the same or a similar experience and who understands how you might feel.

  1. Set limits & expectations:

Setting limits and expectations with your partner before-hand will help you feel in control – discuss what you will do if treatment isn’t successful. You need to understand that if you are unsuccessful in achieving a pregnancy you cannot get away from the sadness, loss and disappointment that you will feel but, think about the number of cycles you are willing to commit to and how much time and money you are able to invest prior to treatment.  Protect yourselves – don’t arrange to see friends on the day you expect your results.