Stuck indoors?

Freedom to do those jobs you always wanted to do…



There are lots of stories on social media on how the planet reacted to our neglect so it sent us all to our rooms to think about it.



And now what? Although we are thinking about it, the normal reaction is to want what we can’t have….which is, exactly to go out.



Although we are in lockdown, and the only times we can go out are the ones listed (shopping for essentials, one activity/day or going to work if neccessary), there are limited options of things to do when you are indoors. Or…are they?



We’ve put together a list of some things to do at home:


·  If you live in a house and have a garden, how lucky you are! Take the table outside, exercise, dance as no one is watching – because no one is watching anyway! Play table tennis – you don’t have bats and ball? Well, use a folded sock and some kitchen utensils as bats. Put up your tent and pretend you are on holiday. Open your mobile and play some sea sounds, close your eyes and there you are.



· If you have a balcony, that’s another way to enjoy some fresh air. Although you cannot exercise in your balcony, you can enjoy the view (and isn’t funny that it’s so sunny now but we cannot go out. It’s like being at work!).



· Have a routine. Although most of us don’t have to go to work or work remotely, don’t lay in bed until 10, have breakfast at 11.30 and start your work at 12. Try to keep your day as normal and as close to “the original” as possible. Change into “real clothes” rather than staying in your pyjamas to make your day feel real, even putting make up on might.


· If you are stuck indoors, with no balcony or garden, open your window and let the fresh air come in. Remember, you are as free to travel as your imagination lets you. Open the Google Earth app and go on holiday. Prepare for the holiday, so pack some things (check the weather!). Imagine you are on a plane, train or car, buckle up and watch a movie for a long haul flight. Then, when you are there, don’t forget to unpack!! Then visit some local museums, eat some local food (onion soup is a must as that’s what that was left on supermarket stalls last weekend). Do the same for when you return.





· Bake, and while you wait for the oven to deliver your masterpiece, do some physical exercise.






· Exercise, dance (JustDance on youtube is absolutely fantastic), practice yoga.


· Knit, learn a new skill, take an online course, do something that you wanted to do for a very long time but you never had time. Do it now as this offer is limited – how long it will take to go back to normal? Wouldn’t be nice, at the end of this period, to have a degree or know a new language too?


· Talk to your friends and family. Facetime or WhatsApp them, hug them (virtually) – you cannot blame the lack of time for this or be too busy (unless you blame all the above activities for this).


· Limit the number of times you watch or read the news. Remember, you are indoors so you are safe, and you keep others safe.


· Do what makes you happy. Now it’s your time to read, write, paint, play the piano, learn an instrument.



Remember, this is temporary and likely to last a short while, so do the things you love today.



Now purse your lips for that famous tune, whistle it, then and let me hear you singing it:


“Always look on the bright side of life…”



All the very best from HSFC team.