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As a team of specialist consultants in the fields of fertility, gynaecology and urology, we offer advice and treatments in all aspects of assisted conception, gynaecology, endoscopic surgery, and male infertility management.



Dr Geetha Venkat


Dr Venkat has more than twenty years of experience in various fertility clinics around Harley Street. Her focus has been to tailor treatments to the needs of her patients while incorporating the latest developments in the discipline. Dr Venkat presents her work regularly in conferences and has published articles in many peer reviewed journals. She has also contributed two chapters to the authoritative book on ‘Donor Egg IVF’, published in 2008. She offers advice to the community on fertility matters in television and radio programs.

Clinical Staff


Dr Subha Sankaranarayanan

Fertility Specialist

Dr Subha Sankaranarayanan completed her basic medical education and post-graduate training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in India. She continued her training in the UK, obtaining her MRCOG in 1999 and her MSc in Embryology from Leeds in 2013. After specialising in reproductive medicine, she has been managing the Fertility and Assisted Conception unit at Croydon University Hospital for the past 15 years. She is well known among patients and staff for her friendly and understanding approach. Her main interests are managing patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome and subfertility associated fibroids.

Consulting hours: Wednesdays 2pm to 8pm; Saturdays 11am to 5pm


Dr Anita Gour

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine

Dr Anita Gour is an experienced fertility consultant, who has been practicing fertility for the last fifteen years. She qualified as a doctor in Obstetrics & Gynaecology in Jaipur, India, in 1991 and was then awarded a Master of Surgery (MS) in 1995. Following this she came to the UK for further training in the field of Assisted Reproduction and became a member of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (MRCOG) in 2002. Dr Gour completed her training in reproductive medicine at Kingston Hospital, Addenbrooke’s University Hospital, Cambridge and Homerton University Hospital, London. In 2007 Dr Gour returned to India to establish and direct her own successful fertility clinic: Genesis Fertility, in Jaipur, which became one of the largest fertility clinics in North India. Dr Gour returned to the UK in 2015 to continue her private practice.

Dr Gour is a member of the of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and is certified by the British Fertility Society. She is a strong believer in individualised patient care. Having run her own clinic, she understands the importance of tailored and high-quality treatment to achieve the best possible outcome for each patient. Her areas of clinical interest are management of women with low ovarian reserve, recurrent IVF failure and management of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).


Mr Asif Muneer

BSc, MB, ChB, FRCS, FRCS (Urol), MD
Consultant Urologist/Male Infertility Specialist

Mr Muneer is an expert in general urological conditions, diagnostic urology services and has special interests in male infertility, erectile dysfunction, vasectomy reversal, surgical sperm retrieval, genital cancer and Peyronie’s disease. Mr Muneer has published widely on all aspects of urology in peer reviewed publications. He has co-edited a book entitled ‘Viva Practice for the FRCS (Urol)’ and has written 10 book chapters. Mr Muneer lectures throughout the UK and is involved in teaching. He regularly reviews for a number of urology publications and is an assistant editor for a quarterly urology journal.

Consulting hours: Wednesdays 5:30pm to 8pm


Mr Demetrios Economides

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Mr Economides has 32 years clinical experience in obstetrics and gynaecology. He trained as an undergraduate at Charing Cross Medical School, qualifying in 1980. He then trained in the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at St Bartholomew’s and King’s College hospitals, London, and later at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. He trained in Fetal Medicine at the Harris Birthright Centre in London and in Oxford.
He is internationally and nationally known for his expertise in obstetric ultrasound, especially in early pregnancy anomalies. His other research interests include 4D ultrasound, miscarriage, fetal wellbeing and High Risk pregnancies including multiple births, and inherited bleeding disorders in women. He is a founding member of the British Gynaecological Imaging Society, as well as member of the British Maternal Fetal Medicine Society (BMFMS).


Mr Abdel Mahfouz

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Mr Abdel Mahfouz has extensive experience in obstetrics and gynaecology. He was trained at London Teaching Hospitals and is an accredited consultant and Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (FRCOG) and a member of the Faculty of Family Planning (MFFP).
Mr Mahfouz is an experienced Gynaecologist. He performs a wide range of gynaecological surgery including minimal access (laparoscopic and hysteroscopic operations), abdominal and vaginal surgery dealing with fibroids, endometriosis and infertility in addition to urinary problems and prolapse operations.


Mr Abiodun (Bio) Fakokunde

Consultant Gynaecologist

Dr Fakokunde is a consultant gynaecologist with over a decade of experience in the UK. He completed his medical school and postgraduate training at the University College Hospital (Ibadan, Nigeria) in 1987. He had further years of postgraduate training in the UK from 1996 to 2005. Dr Fakokunde is an RCOG accredited Minimal Access Surgeon and BSCCP certified Colposcopist.

Dr Fakokunde’s Clinical interests include management of fibroids, ovarian cysts, pelvic pain and endometriosis, outpatient hysteroscopy (diagnostic and operative), laparoscopy surgery, cervical smear and colposcopy, vulva and vaginal repair surgery for utero-vaginal prolapse. He has published articles in peer reviewed journals and presented at many international meetings. Dr Fakokunde is a member of the British Society of Gynaecology Endoscopy; and British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology.

Consulting hours: Tuesday 10am to 2pm

Mr Kumar Kunde

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Mr Kunde is a senior consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist with over 25 years of experience in the speciality. Mr Kunde is an experienced gynaecological surgeon and the lead Consultant for Minimal Access Surgery (Key hole surgery) at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital. . He has a special interest in fertility enhancing Minimal Access Surgery that includes treatment of endometriosis, ovarian cysts and removal of fibroids. In addition Mr Kunde also offer advice and treatment for other gynaecological conditions like menstrual problems, miscarriages, abnormal smears and pelvic pain.


Mr Amiya Mukherjee

MSc, MPhil, PhD
Senior Consultant Embryologist

Mr Mukherjee is a qualified embryologist and has worked as a senior consultant embryologist in the UK for over 25 years. He has assisted in setting up more than 20 IVF clinics around the world, with locations including Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. His extensive experience has already helped attract a significant number of patients to HSFC and makes him an invaluable member of the clinical team.



Ms Mollie Graneek


Ms Graneek is a BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist and a United Kingdom Register of Counsellors registered independent counsellor. She has worked in the field of women’s health for over 30 years.

As a psychodynamic counsellor and Gestalt psychotherapist, she integrates her clinical experience with the emotional support so needed in the field of reproductive health issues. She works as a specialist fertility counsellor, with a particular interest in assisted reproduction and donor conception. Ms Graneek is also an accomplished writer and lecturer in this field.

Ms Graneek became an executive member of the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) and was appointed to Chair in 2005. She further sits on the executive board of the British Society of Psychosomatic Obstetrics Gynaecology and Andrology (BSPOGA) and was appointed honorary treasurer in 2009.

Other aspects of her work include relationship, bereavement and trauma counselling. She is a member of an International Rapid Response Counselling team and is highly skilled and trained to deal with the aftermath of major incidents.


Ms Dani Singer

Counsellor/Specialist Psychotherapist

Dani is an experienced integrative psychotherapist and counsellor BACP Senior Accredited Psychotherapist and Counsellor and a United Kingdom Register of Counsellors registered independent counsellor as well as a registered member of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists. She has worked in the field of women’s health for over 20 years and published in the lay and professional press as well as presenting on continuing personal development training for health professionals. She was book review editor of the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) Journal between 1997-2007.

Dani also works in two busy NHS Services as part of a multidisciplinary team with a holistic approach. With a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling she has worked extensively in the area of gynaecology and reproductive health including premature ovarian insufficiency, pelvic pain and infertility with a special interest in working with non-traditional families including egg donation/sharing.

In addition Dani works with individuals and couples in bereavement, relationship, managing stress and anxiety and trauma counseling. She is a patron of the charity the Daisy Network and part of their ‘expert panel’ and a trustee on the board of NAPS (National Association for Premenstrual Symptoms).

Dinah Purton photo

Ms Dinah Purton

Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Life Coach

Dinah is an integrative counsellor specialising in relationship, family and fertility issues. She is an Accredited Member of BACP, a qualified Relate practitioner and a member of BICA. Originally training with Relate, she subsequently completed a PG Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from UEL and an Advanced Certificate in Systemic Practice with Couples and Families from the Institute of Family Therapy.

Dinah has 14 years experience working in diverse communities across London and the South East. Alongside her fertility work, she currently runs private practices in North London and East Sussex and is a registered NHS supplier in West Kent.

She has a particular interest and training in working with non-traditional families, gender identity and LGBTQI+ issues in general.

Holistic Practitioners


Ms Roisin Golding


Roisin Golding is registered with the British Acupuncture Council and has 29 years of experience in acupuncture (Bachelor of Acupuncture, 1986). She is also a member of the Royal Society of Medicine. She uses acupuncture and NLP separately to provide a gentle, integrated mind-body solution to fertility issues. Roisin became interested in different approaches to health and well being in the 1970’s. But it was acupuncture, with its natural philosophy and emphasis on working with the whole person as part of a bigger picture that really inspired her. She has enjoyed being an acupuncturist since 1986, after completing a four year degree level training. As well as continual development and study, both here and in China, Roisin has published widely on all forms of alternative medicine (via the Los Angeles Times Syndicate), as well as a book for acupuncturists on classical acupuncture theory.

And yet, despite the success with many conditions, Roisin noticed that for some people their mental and emotional needs require a more direct approach in order to regain balance, both physically and emotionally. Hence she trained in NLP and, in 2011, became a Master NLP Practitioner.

You might have a specific problem, or you might feel that your body needs balance so that it can work as an integrated whole. Whichever the case, you are very welcome to see to have a chat about your needs.


Ms Carys Morgan

Lic Ac MBAcC

Trained at The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, Berkshire, Carys graduated in 2001. Carys has studied both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture.

She has since undertaken post graduate studies in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Acupuncture for Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth and Nutrition and now specialises in Womens Health.

Both passionate and enthusiastic about all that Acupuncture can offer, Carys considers herself to be a pioneer in her field and is committed to working alongside Western Medicine to offer a safe, drug free and complementary approach to healthcare. Carys has chaired The Acupuncture for Childbirth Team (ACT) in Oxfordshire and has 16 years experience working with both NHS and Private Midwives.

Life experiences and a commitment in offering an holistic approach to health, has resulted in the development of her own very individual style of treating. Having studied meditation and mindfulness, Carys works with both the emotional and physical body simultaneously and has had much success in helping patients to overcome anxiety, stress and depression. This approach has lead to exceptional results in areas of infertility and Carys has been working alongside Consultants and IVF Clinics around the country for over a decade to support clients in all aspects of their IVF programmes.
An increasing reputation in recent years has lead to a demand for her to work both nationally and internationally with a number of celebrity clients.
Carys is currently studying Zero Balancing and is a member of The Zero Balancing Association UK and hopes to integrate these non invasive skills into her Practice on accreditation.


Ms Jeannette Wallis


Jeanette is a fully qualified Reflexologist and Fertility Coach, she started her practice in London in 1989. For many of those years she has been working with couples who are trying to get pregnant and those embarking on fertility treatments. Her wealth of experience enhances positive outcomes, treating the mind as well as balancing the body systems. The combination she provides, gives her patients the support needed to help them on their fertility journey.

Why Reflexology? Jeanette provides a safe and warm environment to help you get control back into your life and your relationship. She will support you making those steps moving forward – ones which are so important to make your fertility journey a positive experience.
Pressure points in your feet relate to different parts of your body. Gentle massage on these points will kick-start your body into working more efficiently. It will strengthen all physical aspects of the body systems necessary during fertility treatment. Reflexology has an overall balancing and harmonising effect. Patients often feel the difference after just one session. Jeanette will focus on your emotional well-being while you are having fertility treatment. During a session she will listen attentively to you thoughts and feelings. She is very perceptive and insightful, hearing the things you do say but also what you don’t say.

Her motto is, “Come with an open mind and leave with so much more”.


Fiona Kacz-Boulton

Fertility Coach

Fiona Kacz-Boulton is a Fertility Coach, an expert in her field since 2007, and a leader in fertility yoga – inspiring people to evolve on their conscious journey to parenthood.

As well as being the Founder of Awakening Fertility, she also involves and prides herself on being a fertility coach, nutrition counsellor, published author and blogger. Fiona is joining the team at Harley Street Fertility Clinic as a Fertility Support Group Co-ordinator and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in a number of fields. These include: fertile lifestyle motivation, fertility yoga training and fertility support groups.

Through her coaching programmes, Fiona helps navigate major transitions to detox your mind and body, to help you effectively ‘think yourself fertile.’



Dr Suvir Venkataraman

BEng, PhD
General Manager

Mr Venkataraman studied mechanical engineering at Imperial College and went on to earn his doctorate in bioengineering at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech, Pasadena, California, USA). He has over five years of experience in managing a team of people performing scientific research on novel anticancer therapeutics.


Mr Lawrence Ashford

Finance and Human Resources Manager

Mr Ashford is a qualified Accountant and General Manager with over thirty years financial and managerial experience at a high level in professional, commercial and private healthcare environments. He has been HSFC’s manager since its launch in 2010. Previously, he was the company secretary and financial controller for London Fertility Centre (LFC) for over 20 years. During his tenure at LFC, Mr Ashford was in charge of day-to-day operations and the finances, and his work also involved human resources management.