While legal and ethical complexities still surround surrogacy, a packed-out event in London on 25thApril is an indication that it is on the rise in the UK and something people are keen to get to grips with.

The free event for intended parents is being held at the Harley Street Fertility Clinicand members of their team, plus experts from surrogacy agency Brilliant Beginnings, and NGA Law, will be on hand to offer advice, give explanations and share their experiences.

While accurate surrogacy figures about how many Britons have had children via surrogacy aren’t available, the process where a woman carries, and gives birth, to a baby for someone else, is on the rise. It is believed this increase is down to same-sex marriage being legislated, people wanting to become a parent on their own, and women waiting until later in life to have a family and then finding it hard to conceive.

Surrogacy is a massive commitment for all involved, and  key speakers at this event will talk about the main things to consider when it comes to surrogacy and the medical, legal and ethical implications will be explored.

Dr Suvir Venkataraman, BEng (Hons), PhD, General Manager at the Harley Street Fertility Clinic, says, “We believe many people considering the surrogacy route to complete their family go abroad because they don’t think it is possible in the UK, but this isn’t the case. We think that with the correct legal framework in place, as well as the right support for both the surrogate and patents to be, surrogacy could work really well in this country. We hope that by working with Brilliant Beginnings we can not only help people to become parents but also make it easier for British women to become surrogates.”

Surrogacy in the UK is legal, but while agreements can be drawn up they are not recognised by UK law which treats the surrogate and her spouse as the child’s legal parents at birth, something the experts at Brilliant Beginnings would like to see changed.

Helen Prosser, adds, “We founded Brilliant Beginnings to enable surrogacy in the UK and we support and mentor women who wish to become gestational surrogates. We are delighted to be offering a seminar with the Harley Street Fertility Clinic understand the complexities of surrogacy.  The fact that the event is sold out just reflects how much surrogacy is evolving as an option to create families. We hope that together we can help debunk the myths surrounding surrogacy and answer the questions people and hear from professionals, surrogates and intended parents who have embarked on surrogacy.

Dates for the next event will be released in May given the popularity and uptake for the first session.

For anyone who is thinking of becoming a surrogateor exploring surrogacy, get in touch with Brilliant Beginningsor the Harley Street Fertility Clinic,and the teams will be happy to help with advice and details.

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Brilliant Beginnings and NGA Law are sister organisations. Brilliant Beginnings is a non-profit surrogacy agency which helps match and support surrogates finding intended parents in the UK, as well as project-managing ethical surrogacy in the US and Canada for U.K intended parents. NGA Law is a leading family law firm, the first to pioneer fertility law in the U.K and leading experts in surrogacy law, and also helps with divorce, separation, children disputes and family law for diverse modern families including LGBT+ families and beyond.

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