We are delighted to confirm that Dr. Venkat will participate in an Instagram live session on Thursday 18th September at 8 pm gmt, meeting Laura-Rose Thorogood, the founder of The LGBT Mummies Tribe.



The LGBT Mummies Tribe was founded after the birth of Laura-Rose and her partner’s son, “to support the LGBT community and people on the journey through parenthood and to create a community and safe-haven for families like us worldwide,” as Laura-Rose declares.



Dr Venkat will discuss with Laura-Rose different fertility paths suitable for same-sex couples who wish to consider fertility options for starting a family, as well as how HSFC can support the LGBT community.



The LGBT Mummies Tribe’s motto is “Educate, share, celebrate,” values that the Harley Street Fertility Clinic strongly believes in.



Join us on Thursday 18th September 2020 at 8 pm for what promises to be an educational and inspirational evening.


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