On 9th November 2020 Dr Venkat took part in “The Big Debate,” hosted by Qasa Alom at the BBC Asian Network Radio. Dr Venkat answered questions from listeners such as:


  • Is it too early to seek a fertility treatment if you are in your 20s and tried for a baby for a couple of month?


  • Do couples give up too early and seek fertility treatments?


  • Check-ups for both male and female – invasive, expensive?


  • Scans and what they involve;


  • PCOS in Asian compared to Caucasian population, as well as egg and maturation of the eggs in the 2 categories mentioned;


  • Fallopian tubes flashing;


  • Can leukemia and radio/chemo therapy in early childhood affect sperm quality later in life?


  • A fertility journey is very lonely. ICSI process – support groups?


  • Stigma in Asia community about the IVF and using donor eggs and donor sperm;


  • Old wives’s tales;


  • Endometriosis, low AMH;


  • Fertility after removing a coil.




To listen to a recording of the show, please click on the link below.