Dr Geetha Venkat from Harley Street Fertility Clinic comments on news issued today that some high profile pregnancies are in fact the result of “social” surrogacy.

“There are many different reasons that women seek specialist fertility treatments such as surrogacy and embryo donation.  One in six couples in the UK face fertility problems and it is a well-known fact that a woman’s fertility declines from the age of 35.  Developments in IVF can provide life-changing options for all women wanting to have children, and women’s decisions about their own bodies, in particular related to parenting should be respected.

“However, this does highlight that there needs to be a more open conversation about fertility issues and treatments – especially in the media.   If high profile women are not honest about options such as surrogacy, the media presents a misleading picture. This can cause some women, especially those who are “older” (i.e. in their 40s or 50s), to have false hope of the chances of conceiving either naturally or via IVF.”