Each year, thousands of people experience pregnancy loss or the death of a baby, and yet, it would seem that is a subject that many still consider to be taboo and are too afraid to talk about openly.www.pexels.com

Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place between the 09th and 15th  October for the  16th year, and over 60 charities are joining forces to raise awareness of the issues affecting people who have gone through this heart-breaking experience.

Miscarriage, ectopic pregnancies and still births are all devastating for parents, and the pain and grief can live on for years after the initial loss and shock is felt. For some people, they feel like they are expected to pick up with their lives as if nothing has happened, to file away their loss in a box and move forwards, something that is impossible.

This year, the over-arching aim of Baby Loss Awareness Week is to call for improvements in the care, policy and research around bereavement support. It will also be used as a platform for highlighting the support and services available for anyone who has been affected.

People are being encouraged to use #breakthesilence on social media to help get the message across, and open up the conversation. There is also the #BLAW2018 animation, which gently explores the raw emotions that parents experience after the loss of a baby, and these include anger, despair, guilt and the emptiness of lost dreams.

Dr. Geetha Venkat, comments, “We very much support the concept of #breakthesilence when it comes to the loss of a child and would like to see improvements in the care and support for those affected. At our clinic we have patients who have to deal with loss during pregnancy and we know the heartache, pain and devastation this causes. We also know that added pressure and emotional turmoil can be felt by those who have to deal with recurrent miscarriages. As the situation currently stands, many people, have to go through the agony and heartache of three or more first trimester miscarriages before anything is done. We know that can have further significant emotional and psychological impact on people, and would like investigations to start sooner.”

She adds, “We know how important it is for parents, and even close family members, to be able to discuss their feelings with their midwife, consultant, GP, counsellor or healthcare professional. This is very much a crucial part of the healing and grief process, and if the support isn’t in place, things can quickly spiral out of control.  We hope that by putting on a blue light in our clinic entrance, asking people to watch the #BLAW2018 animation and use #breakthesilence on social media, we can be part of the change that will allow those very much needed conversations to start, so people can heal.”

On Sunday 15th October at 7pm, the Harley Street Fertility Clinic team will remember babies who have died too soon, and we would ask you to show your support by lighting a candle with us and posting your photo with #WaveOfLight to show you care.

For more details go to Baby Loss Awareness Week.