We haven’t forgotten about the men!



We recently introduced our remote fertility check-up for women (click here for more info) and now we are delighted to announce our home fertility test kits for men.



The kit measures the number of motile sperm in the sample, which is the critical parameter for assessment and diagnosis of male infertility. Per the WHO criteria, there should be at least 6 million moving sperm per millilitre of semen in a normal sample. The semen is analysed and with the results, you will understand your ability to conceive.



The cost for this test is £75. Each kit comes with two tests, so you can repeat the test to see if your count has improved.



To find out more about these options, call 0207 436 6838 or email [email protected] We hope we can help put your mind at rest and allow you the time to make the right decision for you.


Please note this offer it time limited and our prices are subject to review.