The wellbeing of our patients is at the heart of everything we do. To address the current situation with COVID-19, we are offering people alternative options to visiting the clinic, thus preventing you from taking any unnecessary risks.



From today, we will be offering virtual home fertility check-ups using telephone and video consultations with our doctors as well as giving free home AMH test kits to new patients.



This package offers new patients the chance to discuss and test their fertility status as well as ask questions, all from the comfort of their homes. We hope this will allow you to put aside any stresses you might have around travelling and social interaction at the moment, but still gives you an opportunity to discuss your fertility options.



The cost of these virtual home fertility check-ups is £250 and includes:


· An initial consultation by phone, Skype or Zoom with a fertility doctor at a convenient time. Our standard charge for this is £200-250.


· A home AMH test kit, which generally costs around £80-100, will be sent out to the patient upon booking. This is a quick, simple finger-prick blood test that measures the anti-Mullerian hormone which is key to fertility and can help with planning treatment. The sample is then sent back to the laboratory for analysis, using the prepaid envelope, and the results will be ready in a few days.


· A written report from the doctor, explaining the results and findings, will be sent out via email.


To find out more about these options, call 0207 436 6838 or email We hope we can help put your mind at rest and allow you the time to make the right decision for you.