Our fertility coach, Fiona Kacz-Boulton is holding a retreat this July to inspire people to evolve on their conscious journey to parenthood. The retreat is held on Friday 1st July –  Sunday 3rd July in Kilnhanger Surrey and will provide a variety of life-enhancing strategies in the form of events and experiences designed to help you relax and manage your stress.


What you get on the retreat:

  1. Fertility Yoga to help re-balance your reproductive system and improve your chances of conception
  2. Learn techniques that help you fall in love with your fertility journey, giving you coping strategies to soothe the struggle
  3. Experience the powerful effect of Fertility GROUP Meditations for natural fertility solutions and IVF support
  4. Let go of limiting beliefs and mental blocks hindering your fertility success with Fertility Coaching Strategies only taught on retreat days
  5. Leave feeling rejuvenated with newfound energy and hope on your fertility journey


Fiona’s fertility retreats are designed for one-to-one personal attention so there are only a few places available. Everything on the retreat is optional, so if you want to sleep in and miss breakfast you can. If you want to take time out to reflect and not attend sessions, you can. It is your healing journey.

What others have said about the retreat:


“What I liked was the one-to-one time and care the most. I liked that the work was tailored and personalised to address my needs – anonymously.”   – Marianne. Y, London. 29

“I liked the intimacy despite it being a group event. It ran so smoothly and left me feeling much more positive about what to do for my fertility.”     – J. Bradly, London. 44


Visit:  http://awakeningfertility.com/2016/06/the-best-fertility-weekend-retreat-in-england/ for a full schedule on what you can expect over the weekend and to sign up to the retreat.