Over the years, advancement in fertility treatments has bought great joy to many couples who were struggling to conceive.  However, there is no denying that undertaking the fertility journey can put huge pressure on relationships and latest research has even found that couples are three times more likely to break-up after failed treatment1.

With that in mind, Harley Street Fertility Clinic (HSFC) has developed a free downloadable guide to support and advise couples who are about to embark on treatment.  The guide, developed with HSFC specialist counsellor Dani Singer, is designed to give patients practical advice on what to discuss and agree before treatment, including setting limits on the process, deciding which family and friends to confide in, as well as setting an ‘exit strategy’ to help cope with all eventual outcomes including the disappointment of failure.

The guide also touches on the importance and role of open and honest communication through-out medical treatment and suggests ways in which couples can minimise stress levels.  Many patients find that their lives are put ‘on hold’ during treatment and feel unable to make plans or enjoy life.  HSFC reinforces the importance of maintaining and enjoying your hobbies and not to lose sight of what bought you together as a couple in the first place.

Dani Singer, Harley Street Fertility Clinic counsellor comments; “Some couples emerge from the challenge of fertility treatment closer than ever, however sadly in a number of cases the stress can prove too much.  This guide aims to support and help patients by giving practical advice on subjects to discuss before treatment, as well as ways to reduce stress during treatment. Every couple is different and individuals will be prepared to go to different lengths in order to realise their dream of having a family. Being open and honest with each other at the outset is key to a healthy partnership.”

It is inevitable that with so much at stake, it will be impossible to completely reduce all stress and tension during fertility treatment.  However, HSFC believe that this guide will go some way in helping couples.  After all, being in optimum health both physically and mentality can have a huge impact on the outcome of treatment.


Click here to download the HSFC Couples’ Treatment Support Guide



1. Trille K, Vanna A, Allan J. Divorce or End of Cohabitation Among Danish Women Evaluated for Fertility Problems. Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica. 2014