On Tuesday 27th April 2021, HSFC will host an Instagram live with Sheila Lamb, author of “This is…” series of books about infertility.


Sheila will talk about her book “This is IVF and other Fertility Treatments” with HSFC Marketing Manager, Dr Delia Corol. The Instagram live is hosted on the International Donor Conception Awareness Day to mark Sheila’s own donor conception story. A special giveaway will be announced during the Instagram live.


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Sheila kindly offered “This is IVF and other fertility treatments” for our patients to download from Tuesday 27th April 2021 10 am GMT, to Wednesday 28th April 2021 10 pm GMT.



The eBook was available to download between 27th April and 28th April.

Visit our news section to read how to win a signed copy of the printed book (click here to read more).