Everyone knows Marion. The Granny. The shoulder everyone cries on and whose hand is held when great or bad news are told.


The first to be featured in our new series of podcasts about our family is our one and only Marion.

Our family, our patients and staff members.


Podcast – part 1

Podcast – part 2



Marion, a former nurse and current healthcare assistant, joined our family in 2012. “When I came for the interview, I wasn’t planning to work anymore,” Marion recalls. “But then, after the interview, I called my husband and told him I start tomorrow. “


“The interview told us a lot about Marion,” says Dr. Venkat, the founder of the clinic. “I told her we are different, we are family. We put patients first and they are at the heart of everything we do. I could see that Marion’s and our ethos and ideas were very similar, so I asked her if she could start work the next day!”


When Marion started, there were only three other people in the Company: one other healthcare assistant, an andrologist and Dr. Venkat. The team is now much bigger and consists of 5 specialists, 3 nurses, 3 embryologists, 3 healthcare assistants and 2 pharmacists, not to mention the counsellors, acupuncturists, reflexologists, 3 patient coordinators and 4 receptionists.


Last year Marion decided to become a healthcare assistant. ”I don’t work in the theatre anymore but I get to spend more time talking to patients, which I really enjoy,” says Marion who now works mostly with Dr. Venkat, helping with the patients’ scans and blood tests.


When patients come for pregnancy scans, Marion is usually there, along with Dr. Venkat. “We both jump for joy when we see the foetal heartbeat,” says Dr. Venkat. “There are also sad times when patients have to be given bad news, and we suffer with them,” she concludes.


Marion had witnessed many cases of patients being happy or sad. “We have patients who come and try so many times, and I feel I’d like to tell them now it’s time to consider another option and then, they try one more time and they have their baby,” Marion says. “We had one patient who tried many times to get pregnant with her own eggs and she couldn’t,” recalls Marion. “Then she decided to try with donor eggs and she fell pregnant”.


Marion is like a Grandmother and she loves the name. “The patients get on with me that because I am like their mums, this is how they feel,” says Marion.


What about the people she works with?


“Marion is lovely, she is really helpful,” says Poonam, the pharmacist.


“I met Marion on my first day here. She is an excellent nurse, a wealth of information. All patients love her. She is also a fantastic shoulder to cry on, both for staff members and for patients,” says Rachel, Lead Nurse.


Dr Venkat calls Marion “her sister”. And Marion herself says that the clinic “is a special place to be. It’s like home!”