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Festive offer on female fertility check-ups — extended by popular demand
03 Jan 2018

Owing to popular demand we have extend our festive offer to 31 January 2018. Original offer details: https://hsfc.org.uk/news/festive-offer-150-off-female-fertility-check/ Harley Street...

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5 ways to get your body ‘baby ready’ for 2018
21 Dec 2017

New Year often heralds a time for change and for many couples, this may be the phase when they make...

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Ahead of Alcohol Awareness Week (13 – 19th November), Dr Venkat discusses the impact of alcohol on your fertility
07 Nov 2017

Current NHS guidelines suggest that women should avoid drinking alcohol altogether if they’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, in...

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Festive offer: £150 off female fertility check-up
01 Nov 2017

With the approach of the festive season, you may be considering a more lasting change to your life, by starting...

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Dr Venkat discusses what she believes to be the top 10 fertility myths
06 Oct 2017

It’s a woman’s problem Fertility issues affect both men and women alike. For one-third of couples the issue is related...

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5 things you should know about STI’s and fertility
08 Sep 2017

Nearly half a million people in the UK are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) every year. There are...

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