Nicola Manashe and Alex Reid’s fertility
journey with HSFC

We welcomed Nicola Manashe and her fiancé, actor Alex Reid, to our HSFC family in December 2019.

They are determined to blog their way through their IVF journey, to raise awareness on fertility issues affecting both men and women.

Read their stories below and listen to their audio podcasts.

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Their Stories

Nicola Manashe nominated for “The most inspiring mama award”
10 Jan 2022

Our Nicola Manashe has been nominated for “The most inspiring mama award”.   Alex and Nicola’s full statement, included in...

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Our Family: Alex, Nicola & Baby Anastasia Pixie
16 Oct 2021

Alex: “Harley Street Fertility Clinic is a home away from home! This is Anastasia’s family.” Nicola: “I owe Dr Venkat...

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So what is Natural Killer Cells and why did Harley Street Fertility Clinic want me to have a test?
23 Sep 2021

“If you are dealing with unexplained long-term infertility, or recurrent miscarriage (like me), one explanation offered by clinics could be...

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“With every storm comes a rainbow”
21 Aug 2021

A year ago today, Nicola was writing, “After every storm, comes a rainbow”. Today Nicola and Alex are holding their...

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When you are chasing your dreams…
14 Jul 2021

    In November 2019, Nicola and Alex came to the Harley Street Fertility Clinic, after a long and painful...

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Waiting for baby Reid
06 Jul 2021

The arrival of baby Reid is getting closer – one week left and she will be here, in her parents’...

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Our family: Alex Reid on Father’s Day
18 Jun 2021

“I am hopeful and happy this Father’s Day”       The Father’s Day is fast approaching and for new...

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Nicola & Alex revealing the sex of their baby
11 Mar 2021

Our lovely Nicola Manashe and Alex Reid, helped by their fur baby Lola, are revealing in the movie below the...

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Our Family: Nicola, Alex & The Baby
25 Jan 2021

“Second trimester, here we come!”       Today’s blog is about the lovely Nicola and Alex who started their...

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