Diagnosed with endometriosis at 17, now expecting a baby girl




Daisy, a wonderful patient of Harley Street Fertility Clinic went through a rather difficult time dealing with endometriosis at a very young age. She braved through it all and today, she is on her way to becoming a mum to a baby girl!



Here is Daisy, sharing her story.


Listen to Daisy’s story in the podcast below.



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The start of her  fertility journey with HSFC



“I was diagnosed at 17 with endometriosis,” starts Daisy. “I had multiple surgeries to remove my endo, and I had to keep on top of my pain. I also have only one ovary left. And now I am expecting a little girl,” continues Daisy, smiling.



When she was 20, Daisy was worried about possible fertility issues that may arise due to complications of endometriosis and asked her gynaecologist at the time if he would recommend her to freeze her eggs. Daisy recalls that “he laughed at me, in the nicest way possible, and said ‘you are too young, you have plenty of time, you are 20, we would never do any IVF on you!’”



Surprised by his answer, Daisy decided to seek a second opinion. She asked her dad if he would take her to see someone else. “I typed into google ‘The best fertility clinic in London’ and Dr Venkat came up,“ remembers Daisy.



When her fertility journey with HSFC started, Daisy was 21. “I did tests, and one of them showed low AMH*,  too low for a 21-year-old.” Dr Venkat advised her that she was heading in the direction of being prematurely infertile, although she was so young. That’s when Daisy decided to take action.




 Egg Freezing Process and IVF Treatment



In 2016 Daisy decided to freeze her eggs. She changed gynaecologist to someone else as she didn’t feel she had a great connection with her previous gynaecologist.



“In March 2016 I sat down with Dr.Venkat and we went through everything we had to go through to have the best chance. I am single and we’ve decided to get a sperm donor. I got sperm from a sperm bank,” says Daisy.



There were 2 cycles of egg retrieval. The first stage was embryo freezing, then Daisy had another cycle with only egg freezing. “I had the option, in case I met someone in the future, to use those eggs. There were 7 eggs in the first cycle there were 7 eggs, and 5 fertilised. The second round of egg collection gave us 4 eggs.



They were kept in the freezer. In 2018 I had my last laparoscopy. Because her endometriosis was now severe, Daisy’s gynaecologist recommended a hysterectomy. “He knew about my egg retrieval and about my frozen embryos so he recommended starting my IVF treatment .”



Daisy says that from 2018, HSFC was her second home.



“It was THE best experience I could have had after my previous bad experience. IVF is not fun, it’s heart-wrenching at times, but when you have an amazing clinic, and nurses, even reception staff, it really helps going smoother when you feel the extra love and support.”




 Being a Single Mum



“I live with my best friend who is going to be ‘the dad’. I am also very close to my dad, who lives around the corner. All my other friends are a massive support network for me and for her, which is going to be amazing.”




Her feelings during the pregnancy



“If I didn’t have the pain which comes with endometriosis, I would feel very good during my pregnancy. I had a lot of energy. I wasn’t that hormonal, I don’t think. It’s the pain that’s taken its toll, but that has been managed with a few painkillers which are safe for the baby. I keep saying myself, every day she is growing more, the longer I keep her in, the better. I have to put a brave face and keep on going. I know she will be very, very worthy when she arrives.”




The lockdown



“The lockdown is interesting. I think it’s going to be scary when I am in the hospital and  I can not leave when I am giving birth to her. If I have a c section it’s going to be longer. The hospital staff are amazing and won’t let anyone in. The worst would be to not have people come and see her. Also, the last part of my pregnancy, not having people around, not being able to go out, have dinner with my friends, enjoying my last moments of our pregnancy together. Me and my friends text each other missing going out together for dinner. Next time I will see my friends she will be here. It’s going to be difficult to not have all my friends come and see her, I have to be careful if they’ve been ill, and we just don’t know how long this is going to last for”




Embryos or frozen eggs left



“This was the last embryo and it’s been the only one that survived to day 5. She’s meant to be here and it is meant to be.  It’s because I am going to have a hysterectomy, its just the way my journey is going.  If I wasn’t planning the hysterectomy, maybe I would enquire of having more embryos, more eggs frozen, more cycles, but it’s ok, she’s worth it, she’s all I need, we are all good.




A message for other women



“Have the best support that you have. I wouldn’t be able to do this without my best friend I live with, and 2 of my best friends, and my dad. They are not pretending to give me good advice, they also mean it. The doctors you are working with, just ask. I’ve been to see a few doctors and a few said, you#re ok, just take painkillers, get on with it. I changed doctors, I wanted someone to understand what I’m going through, to be empathetic. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. You deserve to have the best experience in your experience, knowing that it will end with a beautiful child at the end of the day.”




Dr.Venkat – a phenomenal woman



“I owe her everything. She is the most graceful woman on this planet during this whole experience. Even when I had bad news or something wasn’t going right, she would smile and give me a cuddle, saying ‘We’ll go through this together, we’ll give you a child,’. Every single person who met her loved her. She is putting in such an amazing experience, She deserves the world for helping people to have babies. She would go above and beyond for all her patients. I simply think she is a phenomenal woman. I can’t wait to take my baby in. Even if she is extremely busy, she would always have 5 minutes for me whenever I called, she is very adapting and she does this for every patient. Amazing!”







If you are wondering what Daisy’s baby will be called, it’s a name that will remind Daisy of what kept her going through her battle with endometriosis.




“Her name is going to be Hope. I needed a lot of Hope going through this journey. I cannot wait to show her to everybody. I made her a scrapbook, and everyone at the clinic will be there.”



We wish Daisy a healthy rest of the pregnancy, easy birth and we cannot wait to meet Hope at some point in the near future.



*Dr. Venkat’s comment on Daisy’s low AMH: “AMH or Anti Mullerian Hormone is an important factor in assessing a woman’s fertility. Lower AMH is often associated with endometriosis and fewer eggs.”



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