This week, national charity Breast Cancer Care revealed that approximately 5,000 breast cancer patients are missing out on fertility care.

The charity found that the majority (88%) of younger women with a breast cancer diagnosis are not being referred to a fertility clinic to discuss the options of freezing eggs or embryos ahead of treatment – despite the fact that the treatment will potentially leave them unable to have children in the future.

The charity also surveyed around 50 breast cancer oncologists, surgeons and nurses and found that over a third (35%) are not telling younger breast cancer patients at diagnosis how treatment could affect their fertility, leaving them completely unaware of the risks.  Worryingly, three-fifths (60%) of women are unaware that infertility is a real possibility when a woman goes through chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. The charity is calling for specialists to be able to talk to patients about their choices before starting treatment.

To discuss ways of preserving your fertility and options ahead of treatment contact HSFC on telephone: 020 7436 6838.

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