Fertility issues will affect 1 in 6 couples at some point in their lives. Sometimes the problems can be addressed and couples will be able to conceive using their own eggs and sperm. But when this is no longer an option, couples who are still struggling to conceive may need the help of egg donors to realise their dream of having children.

However, in the UK there is a well-documented shortage of eggs. It is not unusual for many clinics to have waiting lists of up to a year and this has often ‘put off’ couples from seeking help and advice as they believe the wait will be too difficult and simply too long.

But there is good news as currently this is not the case at London’s Harley Street Fertility Clinic (HSFC). Here, the wait for donor eggs is significantly shorter at around 3 – 6 months. In fact, we have a number of Caucasian eggs available, so women who need donor eggs could start their treatment very quickly.

At HSFC, we always need women from all backgrounds to become egg donors. By doing this, they can give the ‘gift of life’ to those who desperately need help when trying to conceive.

We are extremely grateful to our egg donors and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them past, present and future.

Nicole Hochmuth, 35, donated her eggs earlier this year. She decided she wanted to do something to help women who were suffering from infertility issues after reading an article in the Metro newspaper.

Nicole says; “I read an article that highlighted the plight of the many couples out there struggling with infertility and who desperately need women to come forward and donate healthy eggs. I decided I wanted to do something to help and did some research on the internet. I came across HSFC and went to see them to discuss my suitability. They were really friendly and enthusiastic, I felt supported the whole way through and was really happy to be doing something that would help make a difference to a couple who wanted children. I’m pleased I did it and HSFC made sure I knew all about the process and procedure so I knew exactly what to expect. ”

For more information or to book an appointment with one of our consultants, please contact us here at HSFC on 020 7436 6838