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Partnering with Amilis

Deciding whether or not to freeze your eggs is an important and deeply personal decision – but it shouldn’t be a complicated one. That’s why we’ve partnered with Amilis, a free discovery platform created to help you understand what egg freezing is all about, simplify the process, and find the right fertility clinic for you.

The background

After making the decision to freeze her own eggs and finding the subsequent search for a clinic unnecessarily difficult, Sarita Stefani founded Amilis. Her mission is to empower women by helping you navigate the start of your fertility journey better equipped with knowledge and options. Through Amilis, you’ll have access to reliable information that normalises the journey and helps you make an informed decision about preserving your fertility for the future.
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We’re a free platform that can help you navigate egg freezing without the faff.


How they can help

From personalised resources to arranging consultations, Amilis can help you get started on your egg freezing journey. They collect accurate data on lots of fertility clinics so you can see reviews, compare clinics and get a better understanding of the costs. They’ll then match you to the doctor/clinic you’ll feel most comfortable – even arranging free consultations with as many of their partner clinics as you like, including ours.

The benefits – at a glance

  • Get a free consultation with our clinic
  • Easily book consultations with multiple clinics
  • Get a better understanding of the costs of egg freezing
  • Empower yourself with reliable information and resources

This Is My Healthcare offers a range of fertility services including initial testing for men and women in clinics outside London.