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Partnering with Aura Fertility

It’s important to take care of every aspect of your health and wellbeing during treatment. That’s why we’ve partnered with Aura, a fertility app that delivers best-in class care and guidance to make sure you’re fully supported throughout your treatment journey.

The background

Aura was created by CEO Abi Hannah, after her own IVF experience left her feeling isolated. Having previously worked in Healthcare Management Consulting, she has used her own fertility experiences to create an app that gives others the vital support and information that she didn’t have at the time.
Abi Hannah, CEO Aura

I founded Aura to provide expert-led support at every step of the IVF journey, positioning you for the best possible outcomes.

Abi Hannah, CEO, Aura

How it can help

The Aura app gives patients health and emotional support through a network of fertility experts including clinicians, embryologists, urologists, psychotherapists, nutritional therapists, acupuncturists, coaches, and more. The aim is to supplement your clinical care with an “aura” of personalised support and trusted tools that optimise your wellbeing and fertility experience.

The benefits – at a glance

  • Personalised support during treatment
  • 24/7 expert care and guidance
  • Help create healthy habits
  • Optimise your outcomes

This Is My Healthcare offers a range of fertility services including initial testing for men and women in clinics outside London.


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