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Partnering with Brilliant Beginnings

Surrogacy can be a long and complicated process, so we partner with those we trust to help our patients navigate the journey more smoothly. As a non-profit professional surrogacy agency with a strong focus on relationships, honesty and transparency, Brilliant Beginnings is one such agency.


The background

Helen Prosser and Natalie Gamble founded Brilliant Beginnings in 2013 after years of surrogacy law work at their sister organisation NGA Law. Having seen the issues that arise from informal UK surrogacy arrangements and the difficulties in going overseas, they decided to use their experience to instil stronger safeguards that protect parents, support surrogates, and put children at the heart of it all.

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Brilliant Beginnings

“We set up Brilliant Beginnings to create a new way of doing surrogacy in the UK, and to enable more positive family building stories through international surrogacy.”

- Helen Prosser and Natalie Gamble, founders of Brilliant Beginnings

How they can help

The team at Brilliant Beginnings can help you navigate UK and US surrogacy smoothly and successfully. As the agency is part of a wider team with the UK’s leading surrogacy law firm NGA Law, you’ll have the support of legal experts who have been at the forefront of surrogacy reform for over a decade. Throughout the process, you’ll have practical support and guidance every step of the way including helping you create a solid relationship with your surrogate.

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The benefits – at a glance

  • A fully-managed surrogacy service
  • Safe, legal and ethical
  • A passionate and highly experienced team
  • Costs are charged on a non-profit basis

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