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Get answers with a fertility check-up for couples

Take the first step to understanding you and your partner’s fertility health and ability to conceive with a thorough assessment for both of you. 
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Make a plan for the future together

When you and your partner have been trying for a baby for a while it can feel like a stressful and worrying time. However, before you turn to fertility treatment, our approach is always to understand your unique fertility health first. With a combined fertility check-up for you and your partner, we’ll carry out a useful series of tests that can reveal vital information about how fertile you both are and what to do next. And even if you and your partner are not ready to have a family just yet, a fertility check-up is a useful way to understand your fertility health so you can make a plan for the future.

What to expect during a couple’s fertility check-up

First you’ll have a consultation with one of our fertility specialists, either in person or remotely, before arranging a convenient time for you to come into the clinic for the assessments detailed below. Last but not least, you’ll see the same consultant again to review the results and provide you with our advice.

Making the impossible, possible

Undergoing both male and female fertility check-ups is crucial for family planning. By jointly assessing reproductive health, couples gain valuable insights for making decisions about starting a family and potential interventions. This collaborative approach fosters open communication, enhancing the likelihood of achieving a healthy and successful pregnancy when the time is right.
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Couple's heath check up

Charlotte & Alex
Happy Afro-American father cradles IVF baby, both smiling radiantly, celebrating their special bond and successful journey.

“You have to support each other in your fertility journey ”

Charlotte & Alex

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