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Dr Divya Manglam

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MD, Nutritional Therapist, AfN

Divya Manglam is a medical doctor and obtained her postgraduate master’s degree (MSc) in Nutrition from King’s College London in 2020.

She has also completed a Zest4life training in Health Coaching Skills for Nutrition Professionals. She is registered with the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and is a member of The Nutrition Society.

Divya practices evidence-based nutrition and believes that each nutritional factor has a significant role on your outcome of conceiving. She believes that with either natural conception or IVF, you can always enhance your chances by having a good diet and healthy routine.

By looking into your medical history, lifestyle routine, emotional and psychological factors (stress level, sleeping patterns), she will assess and develop personalised plan for you. Her focus will be to identify underlying conditions causing imbalance in your health such as hormonal imbalance, digestive problem, vaginal dysbiosis, weight imbalance etc. Her approach is a combination of nutritional therapy and fertility coaching to help you to get the best results. Her nutritional guidance will boost your confidence, knowledge, and provide full scientific based nutritional support during the entire process.

Divya provides nutritional advise to patients with wide range of medical disorders with special interest in fertility and pregnancy related conditions.