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Dr Vivienne Hall

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Fertility Consultant

Dr Hall is a consultant gynaecologist and fertility specialist, who joined Harley Street Fertility Clinic in November 2022. Dr Hall trained in medicine at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. After training in general obstetrics and gynaecology, she went on to specialise in fertility and IVF.

Dr Hall’s first experience was at the Hallam Centre in 1989, followed by Hammersmith Hospital with Professor Winston until she moved to Italy to live and work in 1994. She continued providing fertility treatment in Milan and Turin before returning to the UK in 2006.

Since 2006 she has worked in several London-based fertility clinics and has deepened her interest and knowledge in preimplantation genetics, reproductive immunology, recurrent miscarriage, and the management of a critically low ovarian reserve. She has been fortunate to spend time working with Professor Geeta Nargund, Dr George Ndukwe and Zita West, all of whom generously shared their great insight and understanding of these very specific aspects of infertility.

Dr Hall is also very keen to promote the investigation of male infertility, including the use of investigations such as sperm DNA fragmentation, which is helping to provide answers to complex cases of unexplained infertility and poof IVF outcomes.

Dr Hall has known Dr Venkat for many years and is very excited to finally have the chance to work as part of her renowned team. Both doctors share the philosophy of investigating patients as fully as possible to try to achieve a useful diagnosis before embarking on treatment.

Dr Hall looks forward to providing a holistic, comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. She believes it is important to discuss findings in terms of the long-term health of her patients. She shares Dr Venkat’s interest in the significant role that nutrition and chronic (often silent) inflammation have on egg and sperm quality, and therein on embryo development and pregnancy success.  Key to this approach is an awareness of the microbiome and its effect on inflammation and ageing.

Dr Hall is available for consultations most days and will be offering a personalised clinical service, with the support of the clinical, embryological, nursing, and admin teams in this established centre of excellence.