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Preserve your fertility with egg freezing

Safely collect, freeze and store your eggs with us until you’re ready to start a family.
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Is egg freezing right for me?

There are many social and medical reasons – from career to illness – why you might want to take control over your fertility by freezing your eggs. A woman is born with a finite reserve of eggs that are released from puberty until about 50 when menopause occurs. 

However, quality and egg count declines over time and more rapidly after the age of 35. But with egg freezing, you can take the pressure off while preserving your fertility for the future. Our fertility specialists will talk to you about your fertility health in-depth, so you can make an informed decision about whether egg freezing is the best option for you.

Who’s it for

You might want to freeze your eggs if…

  • You wish to postpone plans to have a family
    For reasons including other life plans, career, or not having met “Mr Right” yet
  • You’re due to start cancer treatment
    Or any other treatment that might cause permanent loss of ovarian function
  • You have an increased risk of premature ovarian failure
    Such as you have severe endometriosis or recurrent ovarian cysts
  • You have an increased risk of early menopause
    Because your mother, aunt or grandmother started their menopause early
  • You want to undergo a sex change
    And preserve your fertility before starting hormone therapy or surgery
  • You have ethical or moral concerns about freezing embryos
    And freezing unfertilised eggs is an acceptable alternative

ALERT- Reassurance to all patients

We understand the recent news coverage about a significant incident at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Assisted Conception Unit may cause concern and distress to patients who have previously cryopreserved eggs or embryos at Harley Street Fertility Clinic. We can reassure all patients who have frozen eggs or embryos at our clinic, that they will not have been compromised by a faulty freezing solution.  We do not use the brand of freezing reagents which were the source of the incident.

Statistics at Harley Street

We use the established successful procedure called vitrification for freezing eggs, which has a pregnancy rate for IVF/ICSI that is comparable to those of fresh eggs according to recent studies.


Vitrified eggs

We have an 80% freezing and thawing survival rate.

How many eggs would I need when thinking about a future family?

Your age and personal egg reserve will all affect the number of eggs we recommend you freeze. However, research has proven that a minimum of 30 eggs is needed to guarantee a fertilised embryo for a successful pregnancy.

The number of stimulated cycles you would need to produce 30 eggs depends on your follicle count. To help you work out how many eggs you would need to collect and freeze, our Embryologists have created this simple calculator.

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Egg freezing process

Zahara, egg freezing patient

“It’s great to plan ahead, and freezing your eggs will give you more options”


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