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7 March 2023

Egg Freezing Q&A

“Let's All Talk Fertility”



If you are considering freezing your eggs and have lots of questions about the process, you might be able to find your answers in the recorded live Q&A “Egg Freezing”, recorded on Wednesday 8th March at 8pm. Dr Vivienne Hall, Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist at Harley Street Fertility Clinic, took part in an interactive Q&A session on the “Let’s All Talk Fertility” platform. Dr. Hall answered questions related to egg freezing covering the process involved, costs, the chances of having a baby with a frozen egg, the optimum age for egg freezing, and much more.

Every woman’s egg reserve is defined at birth and declines rapidly after the age of 30.  So for many women wanting to delay motherhood for reasons of career, relationship, illness or personal readiness, egg freezing can be the best insurance policy one can ever invest in. Preserving your fertility, can reap rewards later in life and provide you with family options when you are ready.  It can also safeguard against the costs of 1-2 cycles of IVF later in life when fertility health is more challenging.

Dr. Hall is dedicated to promoting fertility awareness in young women and educating them about their fertility potential and how that can change with age. “Egg freezing is one of the best things that happened to women because women can have control when they can have a child,” says Dr. Hall, who also admits that egg freezing is seen as a project that will satisfy women and be seen as an achievement.

During the session, Dr. Hall spoke about the thorough tests performed at Harley Street Fertility Clinic, as well as the attention and care in the right stimulation procedure of the ovaries in order to produce high-quality eggs that can be frozen and used at a later date. The vitrification technique, thawing of frozen eggs, freezing embryos, and the success rates when using previously frozen eggs were also discussed.

“Let’s All Talk Fertility” is an online platform where top clinicians and fertility experts attend live Q&A sessions “to support all parents with their dream of parenthood”. For a small annual subscription fee, you can access all you need to know about Fertility.

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We would like to thank Laura Biggs for inviting our experts to share their advice on the “Let’s All Talk Fertility” platform.