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20 September 2022

Artificial Intelligence in Embryo Selection

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence for embryo selection, or AI, is a huge step forward in IVF technologies. This newly launched way of selecting embryos is poised to be an incredible breakthrough within the IVF community.

AI technology is used to identify the best embryo for transfer. AI technology uses a time-lapse incubator, which is able to record masses of data and is able to ‘see’ things that even the highest trained embryologist can’t. It is able to measure, interpret and analyse different parts of the embryo and select one based on a criterion. This means that the likelihood of the best embryo being selected for transfer is much higher, thus improving pregnancy success rates.


Join our webinar to listen to our panel of esteemed experts, to learn more about AI technology for embryo selection and how it can improve your chances of pregnancy success. You will be able to listen to informative presentation from our team of doctors and embryologists and ask your questions directly to them at the end of the session. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your embryos, ready for your next transfer!



The webinar will include an outstanding panel of experts:

- Dr Geetha Venkat, Medical Director and Senior Consultant Harley Street Fertility Clinic;

- Ms Samantha Knight, Embryology Lab Manager HSFC;

- Dr Cristina Hickman, Vice President of Clinical Affairs, Fairtiliy, and the creator of CHLOE (Cultivating Human Life Optimising Embryos);

- Noam Bergelson, Chief Business Officer Fairtiliy.

The webinar will be hosted by Dr Suvir Venkataraman, General Manager Harley Street Fertility Clinic.