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3 December 2021

Endometrial receptivity: ERA, EMMA, ALICE

Why do embryo transfers fail?


One of the possible causes is lack of endometrial receptivity, i.e. the lining of the uterus not being ready to accept the embryo.


In this webinar we discussed the issues pertaining to endometrial receptivity, state of the art investigations that help us determine endometrial receptivity (ERA, EMMA and ALICE) as well as the treatment for any issues discovered.


Learn about endometrial receptivity and the tests performed at HSFC from Dr Geetha Venkat, Director of Harley Street Fertility Clinic, and Dr Alan Thornhill, Senior Scientific Advisor at Igenomix (our genetic testing partner).


To read about ERA test, please visit this page.

To read about EMMA test, please click here.

To read about ALICE test, please visit this page.


To watch a recording of the webinar, please see below.