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28 June 2022

Fertility Options for same-sex couples

When you want to be a parent and you are in a same-sex couple, starting a family can come with a few more obstacles. At Harley Street Fertility Clinic, we understand that this time may feel daunting and overwhelming and leave people uncertain of how or where to start on their journey.


We are delighted to announce we scheduled a webinar about fertility options for same-sex couples, an informative evening to find out how Harley Street Fertility Clinic can help you and your partner start the family you’ve been dreaming of.

Our panel of experts included:

-Dr  Geetha Venkat, Senior Consultant and Medical Director of Harley Street Fertility Clinic,

-Dr Lieve Verstraete, MD, Consultant Gynaecologyst & Fertility Specialist (apologies),

-Mr Raj Joshi, Senior Embryologist Harley Street Fertility Clinic;

-Mrs Marion Eagesl, Healthcare Assistant Harley Street Fertility Clinic;

-Nikoleta and Karleen, our beloved family members (patients), who recently became parents with Harley Street Fertility Clinic's help.

Along with our esteemed panel of HSFC experts, we discussed the options available for same-sex couples and intended parents and guide you through the processes available to you. The panel answered questions at the end.

Watch the recording of the webinar below.