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September 29, 2020

General New Patients Webinar: Having treatment during Covid-19




Covid-19 brought uncertainty in everyone’s lives. These challenging times add even more pressure on people who are already in challenging situation and are looking to extend their families within a fertility clinic setting.

We witnessed our patients’ sadness and we felt helpless not being able to provide the treatments that they so much wanted because of the lockdown and fertility clinics being forced to close.

Fortunately, restrictions that fertility clinics encountered as precautionary measures are now lifted. New patients come and see us every day. To make their journey a pleasant one, with a successful outcome (a  baby!), we have put special measures in place to protect them, to protect our staff and to take the pressure off.

We would like to invite you to attend our General New Patients Webinar: Having treatment during Covid-19.

Find out about the clinical and the practical side of different fertility treatments, how we adapted our treatments to the current situation, meet the experts, ask questions and see how we can help you have the family you want.

The panel of the webinar consists of:

-Geetha Venkat, Director and senior consultant at HSFC will discuss the clinical side of the check-up and treatment.

-Dr Suvir Venkataraman, General Manager

-Mrs Dharshi Kiruba, Head of Donation HSFC.

-Ms Carina Nobrega, Patient Coordinator.

To watch a replay of the webinar, please click below.