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Partnering with Fairtility

Our world-class treatments and high success rates, even with more complex fertility issues, are underpinned by the latest techniques and innovations. We’re always searching for new ways to increase the chance of success for our patients and one way we do that is through our partnership with Fairtility, a company that developed Chloe EQ™ and “powers IVF through transparent Artificial Intelligence (AI)”.

The background

Fairtility combines clinical expertise, technology and software development to bring innovation to the IVF process. With Chloe EQ™ expertise, our embryologists have more visibility into each embryo and are now able to customise the treatment for each patient, with the intent to provide better care and improve outcomes

4 blastocysts developing


 Powers IVF through transparent artificial intelligence (AI) intended to improve outcomes and reduce the number of IVF cycles to live birth.

How they can help

Fairtility through Chloe EQ™ has made it possible for our embryologists to assess embryo quality more accurately than ever before during IVF. For example, we can now make more confident decisions on an embryo’s potential or whether to refer an embryo for further testing.   Chloe is very advanced and can provide insights  very early in embryo development which enhances our decision making process for a more personalised and better patient care.

Using millions of data points including patient and embryo data, CHLOE EQ™, interprets subtle visual and developmental attributes, that contribute to the understanding of the embryo's quality and viability.

The benefits – at a glance

Find out the potential of your embryos

  1. Non-Invasive - Chloe EQ is non-invasive, and all of the monitoring and analysis is done from the safety of the incubator.
  2. Consistent - Chloe EQ has demonstrated consistent output every time, which means it helps to enhance Embryology experience and reduce the potential risks associated with human error.
  3. Real Time- CHLOE EQ provides information in real-time, which means better, clearer, more accurate information

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