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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. 

What is the IVF process?

What is the IVF process?

Although IVF is often used as a generic and alternative term for fertility treatment, Fertility protocols are specific pathways as unique as you. The first part of our process is thoughtful and thorough screening with our Fertility Specialists, which is focused on understanding your fertility health. We’ll then advise you on any pre-treatment preparations and supplementary procedures you might need to support your IVF journey. And because we know how important it is to develop a relationship with your Doctor, you’ll be treated by the same specialist throughout your treatment.

To understand the fertility journey that will give you the best chance of having a baby, book an appointment here. You can also explore IVF explained to get a better understanding of all the jargon.

What does fertility treatment cost?

Just as every fertility journey is unique, so are the costs. However, we’ll always explain the benefits of each additional treatment so you have ultimate control over what to do. And although the thought of managing these costs can feel emotionally and financially daunting, you can feel confident in the fact we’re rated best value for money in the UK in an official review of fertility clinics regulated by the Human, Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA). For added peace of mind, we also offer a number of financial packages to help you spread the cost of payments. Discover more about our Finance Packages here or get in touch with your Patient Liaison Manager who will be happy to explain them to you.

Will you treat me?

Our reputation as a leading fertility clinic is rooted in our experienced team of Doctors, Embryologists and Nurses who welcome all patients into our clinic and seek the most viable pathway for you to achieve a successful pregnancy. Many of our patients have suffered multiple miscarriages, endured various failed fertility cycles at other clinics, or have complex medical conditions, and we’re proud of our success rates with all. In today’s world of science and progressive medicine, we believe that there is always an option. You can get to know our team and read about their expertise here.

Will I have to take lots of time off work?

Once you’ve decided fertility treatment is the right option for you, it may be prudent to share that with your employer. In 2022 it became law for employers to provide leave for attending clinic appointments and treatments. To help make things easier, we’ll always offer convenient appointments where possible and we’re happy to offer virtual follow-up appointments if you prefer. If you live outside of London, you may also wish to take advantage of our six satellite hubs for the initial screening and fertility tests.

When is the right time to test my fertility?

Put simply, when you wish to know. Even if you’re not thinking about having a family just now, taking steps to understand your fertility health can be a hugely empowering process. Equipped with the knowledge about your ability to conceive now and in the future, you’re able to plan for a family in the way that’s most successful for you. To understand your fertility health, book a treatment, or explore how to preserve your fertility, our Fertility Specialists would be delighted to meet you. 

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