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Get the reassurance of a fertility check-up

Our female fertility check-ups are the first step to understanding your fertility health and ability to conceive now and in the future.
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What to expect during your fertility check-up

Even if you’re not thinking about having a family just now, a fertility check-up is a useful series of tests that can reveal vital information about how fertile you are. For some women, it helps assess whether they need fertility treatment. But for many, it’s a valuable tool they use to decide whether to delay having a baby until the time is right, or freeze their eggs for the future. Either way, we’re here to help.

There are many factors important to your fertility health. So, before we carry out any tests, first we get to know you. During this initial consultation (performed remotely or in person), we’ll take a detailed medical history and explore any problems that might be relevant, such as family history, previous medical issues and travel history. 

Your consultant will then arrange for you to have a few investigations (tests). If there are any specific issues picked up in your history, your consultant may advise you to have further screening tests.

How's your fertility health?

Addressing potential concerns promptly empowers you to make informed decisions, whether pursuing fertility treatments, exploring alternative family planning options, or taking measures to preserve fertility for the future. Early intervention is key in navigating the complexities of fertility, ensuring you are well-equipped with the knowledge and support needed for a successful and fulfilling reproductive journey.
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Further investigation

Although the ultrasound scan and blood test can give you a good picture of your fertility health, it doesn’t have all the information. If we think you’ll benefit, your doctor may advise you to have further investigations.
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Our friendly Fertility Team will be happy to talk to you about the treatments we offer and how we can help in a free 30-minute appointment.
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Triple Test

The baseline scan and blood test provide a good picture of your fertility status but do not provide complete information. In certain cases, your specialist may advise you to have further investigations.

The most common fertility investigations are midcycle scan , 3D saline infusion scan and Tubal patency test, commonly know as the Triple Test.

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