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How we support your treatment pathway

There’s no such thing as a standard treatment path at our clinic. Instead our IVF and IUI fertility treatments are just one part of a possible pathway we may recommend for you. Our approach is to welcome everyone into our clinic regardless of age and medical history and explore every avenue as a collective of Fertility Specialists.

Using a range of advanced screening techniques, coupled with any supplementary fertility treatments we feel may be beneficial, we leave no stone unturned at any stage of the journey and go further than any other clinic in the UK to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Fertility Treatments

Every treatment plan is unique. However, most start with the core process of IVF or IUI. We then prescribe the optimum blend of hormones, supported by advanced investigations to give you the best chance of growing your family.
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Specialist testing and screening

Our reputation is built on finding solutions for even the most complex medical conditions. That’s why our approach is underpinned by advanced analysis techniques. They give us a thorough understanding of your unique fertility health, so we can enhance your chance of conception and reduce your time to success.
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Fertility preservation

We specialise in advanced freezing techniques that have dramatically improved survival rates and all samples are monitored and safely stored in alarmed cryogenic tanks on site.
Egg & sperm freezing

How many eggs should I freeze

Your age and personal egg reserve will all affect the number of eggs we recommend you freeze. A minimum of 30 eggs is recommended.

 To help you work out how many eggs you would need to collect and freeze, our Embryologists have created this simple calculator.

Egg Freezing Calculator

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