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May 23, 2022

A new addition to our family - Baby Felicity

Our Christmas miracle Felicity


"Our baby was born in December 2021, weighing 6lbs 3ozs.


Words can’t describe the last few months watching Felicity grow into her personality. We are and always will be grateful to everyone at HSFC who supported us throughout our journey.


Attached are a few of our favourite pictures of Felicity taken over the last few months. She is more than we could ever have wished for, and somehow the words "Thank you" don’t nearly express our gratitude.

Love and best wishes,

Emma, Nick and Felicity"


The above email was sent to us by our patients Emma and Nick, to announce the birth of their adorable baby Felicity. We asked them if we could share the great news on our website and their reply was, "Please do share the good news on the website. We hope this will provide hope to others in similar situations."

Wishing baby Felicity a lifelong of health, happiness, and joy! Welcome to your HSFC family!



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