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November 4, 2020

A new member of our HSFC family: baby Hope

"Waiting for baby Hope for 10 years"




We have received a beautiful email about our newest member of our family, baby Hope.


“After 10 years of trying for a baby and 2 early losses...Hope is here!


She is beautiful and perfect.


Hope's journey started in January as a frozen embryo transfer. The initial Hcg came back at 51 and second Hcg only increased to 57.  We did not think a pregnancy could be viable with such low numbers.... but here she is - our miracle.


We wish baby Hope a long, healthy, and happy life and a very warm welcome to our family.


You will soon read baby Hope's story, how her mother had 2 other attempts before having her, and why PGS might be the reason for the 3rd time lucky pregnancy and healthy baby.