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August 8, 2022

"Ask the expert"

Dr Suvir Venkataraman, Resident Expert at Aura



We are delighted to announce that during the week 15th-19th of August, Dr Suvir Venkataraman, General Manager of Harley Street Fertility Clinic, will be our partner Aura's resident expert. "Ask the Expert"  allows people to ask questions related to fertility and it will take place on Instagram.


The subject of this Q&A on Instagram is "Improving success rates".

The expert Q&A will take place on Instagram. If anyone would like to ask a question, please head to @aurafertility and look out for Aura's posts on Mon 15th where you can send questions. You can have a response later that week.


To be able to ask a question, you have to follow both Harley Street Fertility Clinic and Aura.


Aura replaced Fertility Circle App at the beginning of 2022. According to Abi Hannah, CEO Aura, "Aura is a world-class but affordable solution offering expert-led wellbeing support, integrated with clinic experience. Aura is what I wished for, when I was going through IVF." 


The Aura app is very different to the Fertility Circle app and can only be accessed by patients of Aura's partner clinics to support them through their treatment, and patients require a code from the clinic to access Aura.


To learn more about Aura Fertility/Fertility Circle, please visit our podcast page. To learn more about Aura, please visit their website.


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