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3 March 2023

Welcome to the world, baby A!

We are delighted when we hear the news of another baby conceived with the help of Harley Street Fertility Clinic. baby A's parents wrote us an email to express their gratitude to our team for making their dream of having a baby come true.


"Dear Dr Venkat and team,


We just wanted to let you know that since our last treatment in the summer last year, baby A was born, 2 weeks early and weighing 3.1kg.


We are beyond happy and given our journey to get here it still feels surreal.  Thank you so much to the whole team that provided us with the treatment and resources to realise our dream of becoming parents.  Attached are a few photos from the eventful day!


With the arrival of baby A, we feel that, after such a long struggle, our family is complete and the love we have for each other has only expanded beyond measure.  We cannot fully express the amount of joy and gratitude we presently have.


Kind Regards,


Jen and Erwan"


Wishing baby A a long, happy and healthy life, full of love and laughter.


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