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March 18, 2022

British Science Week - celebrating IVF

This week Harley Street Fertility Clinic are celebrating British Science Week. This year’s theme is ‘growth’, and we think this perfectly symbolises the importance of IVF and the advances that have been made in this field over the years. For many, innovations in IVF treatments are more than just Science- It is the only way to become parents.


Without Science and the pioneers in this field, IVF might not be at the point it is today. IVF was originally developed for the purpose of by-passing damaged or blocked fallopian tubes. Since then, the understanding of IVF and IVF technology has expanded massively with many treatment options now available for many different people, allowing almost anyone the opportunity to become a parent, regardless of fertility issue, relationship status or gender.


The first successful IVF birth was baby Louise Brown, who was born on the 25th July, 1978 in Oldham. This birth was the result of collaborative work of Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards. At HSFC we hold Steptoe and Edwards in such high regard, that we have named two our treatment rooms after them.



IVF Timeline

1878 – Basic research studies on animal gametes leading up to IVF.

1959-1963 – Chang and Yanagamici undertake ground-breaking research that proves mammalian IVF possible.

1978 – First IVF baby, Louise Brown is born in the UK.

1992 – ICSI is introduced allowing men with very poor sperm quality to use their own Sperm instead of donor sperm.

2004 – IVF treatment is now a mainstream medical technology.

2012 – Over 5 million IVF babies born worldwide

Now – Approximately 2% of children in the UK are conceived using IVF technology


The staff and patients of Harley Street Fertility Clinic, we will forever be grateful to the Scientists who worked so hard to develop IVF and make the dream of becoming parents possible for so many millions of people.

In celebration of British Science Week and ‘Growth’, HSFC are proud to present ‘The Wonderful You: An IVF Story’, written by our very own Dr. Delia Corol, Head of Marketing. Before working with HSFC, Delia was a Scientist and has since developed a passion for story writing. This week seems like the perfect time to launch her first book, giving a light-hearted insight into how some babies were created. To celebrate the book release, you are able to download this for free this weekend.