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10 March 2023

British Science Week

British Science Week is an annual event that celebrates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and encourages people to explore the world around them.


British Science Week is an ideal time for scientists and healthcare professionals to showcase the wonders of science, and that includes the science of IVF. Without science and the wonders of IVF, many hopeful parents would not have enjoyed their facilitated families. Without science, many women would rush into motherhood, or delay it until too late, without having the option of egg freezing to preserve their fertility.


Here at Harley Street Fertility Clinic we celebrate science every single day. We are continuously seeking new and effective options for IVF development, and we are doing this by partnering or employing outstanding scientists, embryologists, doctors. We continue to contribute and learn from the great advancements in our sector, all of which enhances the options available to our patients and improves fertility success rates.  Our core ethos is underpinned by thorough investigation of fertility health for each patient, fuelling our tireless pursuit for fertility success and family happiness.


British Science Week inspires young people to pursue careers in STEM fields, including reproductive medicine and IVF. Here’s to future scientists, embryologists and doctors who will help the world become a better place.


During British Science Week, we are grateful for the science and technology that can improve and create lives.