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19 December 2023

A Christmas and New Year message from Dr Venkat, Medical Director


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we've lots to celebrate this year.

Many parents realised their dream of having a family. My team and I always explore every route possible to help people with their fertility journey, and it's always a delight to welcome families at the clinic at this festive time to say hello.  

For those still struggling with infertility, the joy of family gatherings can become a painful reminder of their own fertility challenges. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to those facing these emotional struggles but help is at hand. Mollie Graneek, our fertility counsellor, provides valuable insights and coping strategies for navigating Christmas when the overwhelming desire is to hide away amidst the festivities.

Patients preparing or undergoing treatment should also be mindful of health and well-being as we embark upon the season of ‘indulgence’. Resident nutritionist, Dr Divya Mangalm, will be offering great tips on social media regarding what foods to enjoy and those to avoid over the festive break.

Other exciting news this year was our reported pregnancy rates. We are incredibly proud that our clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer of 60%, is over double the national average of 27% (women of all ages). With the support of PGT-A, our results climb to 71% (all ages), so please consider that option. 


success rates

To further fuel our drive for innovation, a team from Harley Street Fertility Clinic and Ferring Pharmaceuticals, conducted a study that has led to a safe and efficient new protocol for ovarian stimulation delivering excellent results. I was honoured to share these findings at numerous congresses and symposiums, throughout the year. Read more on our website.

Supporting South Indian Societies is another topic close to my heart, as they face some greater fertility challenges as a race and culture. I continue to invest time in educating these communities on the benefits of proactive fertility health checks.


Christmas and New Year (17)

I hope that you have explored our new website- easy to navigate, and jam-packed with useful information for anyone seeking an informed decision regarding their fertility journey. Ideal to share with friends who may be struggling to conceive or suffering from recurrent miscarriage. Our resident fertility experts will frequently share their tips and knowledge on our social channels, so be sure to follow us.

As fertility treatments normalise and react to the constraints of NHS our team has grown. We've welcomed:

  • Renowned expert in IVF and immunology, Dr George Ndukwe, IVF consultant and Immunology expert,
  • Managing Director, Sam Sanders, who will oversee the strategic direction and continuous improvement of the clinic services.

Despite all, 2023 has also presented some harsh economic pressures, civil unrest and everyday challenges such as strikes, but I am pleased to report that my loyal team remain resolute and committed to fertility progress. We have also enrolled another financial partner to support those who welcome support in spreading the financial burden of treatment.


Finally, a very special thank you to my whole team, to whom my patients and I are grateful for all their hard work and dedication, for their passion and compassion, into making the clinic a magical place where life is created. (Picture taken in December 2022).

We look forward to 2024 and welcoming more patients and babies to Harley Street. Wishing you an enjoyable festive break and and good fortune for 2024.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Dr Venkat,

Medical Director

Harley Street Fertility Clinic