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13 December 2023

Tips for dealing with infertility at Christmas

As the joyous holiday season approaches, it's essential to recognize the quieter narratives that unfold in the lives of couples navigating the challenging path of infertility. Christmas becomes a bittersweet reminder for these individuals, a time when dreams of parenthood intersect with the reality of unfulfilled hopes.


Mollie Graneek, our counsellor, is giving her advice for people facing infertility, not only at Christmas but all year round.



Top tips for coping with Infertility

Recognise that infertility is a crisis. Normalising feelings, and facing and accepting them can help you move forward.

Self-blame is not always helpful. Resist the temptation to be angry with yourself or your partner for not trying to conceive earlier and focus less on negative thoughts and more on what can realistically be done in the circumstances.

Work with your partner. Couples experiencing infertility often feel alone.  They do not want to share their feelings with their partner in case it upsets or angers them.

Check out the resources available and read as much as possible about the treatment options available to you. Being proactive in this way often gives you the feeling of power and helps you decide on your future prospects.

Consider your boundaries. About pushing the boundaries in fertility treatment.  Decide with your partner just how far you will take the treatment process before considering alternative parenting.

Be good to yourself. Don’t let your infertility define you. Engage in things that you enjoy doing especially in alternative therapies like acupuncture, dancing, massage, and relaxation techniques.

Get healthy and fit. We know that people with optimum health in general find it easier to conceive.

Avoid situations that impact on your feelings of loss ie: if baby showers and baby-focused activities are too painful, give yourself permission to avoid them.



Don’t forget, we offer counselling for people facing infertility, and during their fertility journey with us.

Whatever your plans this Christmas, we would like you to be kind to yourself and enjoy the festive season. We will welcome you to the clinic in 2024 with open arms, kindness and the best expertise, to give you the family you want.

Have a lovely Christmas!